What Is 40 Weeks For Me?

It started with an Instagram post…

On the evening of June 6, 2019, Jill Krause posted this message on her Instagram account:

The outpouring of support that followed grew into what is now a group of over 2,100 amazing humans from around the world who show up daily to support and connect with one another on their self care journey.

From Jill, the creator of #40WeeksForMe:

What if I took 40 weeks for me?

For 40 weeks when I was pregnant, I took vitamins every day. I drank tons of water. I took naps and went to bed early. I walked and tried to stay mobile and active. I went to regular doctor’s appointments and treated myself to pedicures and massage. I listened to my body and addressed my aches and pains. I listened to my mind, and was proactive about my mental health. I was mostly thoughtful about what I ate. I dressed in clothes that fit my body in that moment and made me feel as good as could be expected. I celebrated my body and all that it was doing!

And now? All of that seems like a monumental undertaking when it’s “just” for me.

I briefly, not very seriously, considered what if I had another baby. Maybe I wasn’t done, you know? (I am, but it’s taken time to come to terms with that.)

If I was considering another 40 week investment in a pregnancy, surely I could do 40 weeks for me.

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